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12 Years old!
Lets all look forward for another Great year of events for all our Miata friends!

A runnig list of Miata Events with links to pictures on the dates.
Takes you to other club website linksUpdated 3/1/2013 Calendar for eventsA listing of Motor Sports and Driving eventsFind or Place your car parts here to Buy or for sale Creative license plates to check out or add yoursMembers send us stories about something you did with your MiataMiiata Publications and vendor information and special sites.

A listing of vendors recommended by Miata OwnersDealers providing discounts with showing Miata Club ID CardsCars owned or have been owned by yours truely

Brand NEW Items added to the store
You can find lots of fun Miata stuff to buy here. New stuff all the time.
A place to buy a little something to show your Miata is close to your heart.

Lots of new Items added!

Traveling this summer with your Miata?
Check out this Boot-Bag special with a 10% Discount

Miatafuns Project car.
More mod's coming
Stay tuned for more
Pictures soon.
New Suspension!
ODO is almost completed!

Selling our second project car!

Clubs have already starting to send in event information click the link at the bottom of the listed events page and see what's planned for 2015

Miatafun's Members List
Newest Members
Larry Bryant
2007 White / Black
Gretna, Virginia
Justina David
2015 Pearl / Black
Harlingen, Texas

 Junior and Judy Doss
2008 True Red / Black
Chatham, Virginia
Sharon Delong
2003 Red / Black
Moneta, Virginia
Michael & Diane Geddings
2008 Highland Green / Tan
Roanoke, Virginia

Like our website?
Then lets all get in our cars and go for a ride at one of Miatafun's listed runs and events. Sent in by our Miata Club friends from all over the US and abroad.

Marna and Tom Wood
Webmasters and Run Planners 

2014 & 15
Check out these events on the, 
"Listed Events Page"
Nevada Hey 50 Run
The Rose Run


our newest Miata parts vendor

Mazda Miata, MX-5, Roadster. 
No matter what you call this little car, all agree it is the embodiment of fun.

Members send us stories about something you did with your Miata
Check out our short stories and adventures.
If you have one to share send it to us to add to our "Little Book" list.
You could be an official Miatafun author with published work!


SOCALM's General Meeting date change January 17th, 2015
Mazda North American Operations, Irvine

2015 Calendars Now Available at Cafepress

We are going to have a special order for the
"Mazda MX-5 Miata 25 Years" book.
Hard cover, 160 pages 9.25 x 10.875 in. 300 color photos, 1 black/white.
Book stand price $40.00 The club price $30.00 ($5.00 goes to SOCALM club treasury).

We have to order them all at the same time. Minimum of 3 books.
Lots of pictures and information on the new 2015 and 2016 Miata's, Bob Hall talk, and lots more!
Includes a lot of history and pictures of special Miata's from other countries, and the new 2016
Race Miata that will be for sale with the Sky Active drive line. (Cool) contact:
You can send a check to Tom Wood, 5067 Glenwood Ave. Fontana 92336
We will have them either at the January meeting or you can pick it up as soon as we get them.
I will put out an email as soon as they arrive.
(Depends on when we get enough orders).
Would like to send orders in by 11/28/2014

We have updated our "Events Calendar" and "Listed Events page" for 2015 Events. Check it out!

This months Featured Car.
We are always looking for a new feature car for our car of the month.
Anyone can enter there car, send to: tomwood@miatafun.net

What people say about getting their Miata's
The Handling of the vehicle, the looks, and because I love the sports car!
Lorie Haggerty

Found a super low mileage mint NA and a 25 year old new car ride for a reasonable price just seemed like a good idea. Could not be happier.
Ray Dreisen
I wanted a small convertable, sporty and cute car. I saw thiscar and knew it should be mine!
2015 Pearl with Black interior
Justina David

Adding New Shocks, Springs,
Rotors & Calipers to ODO!

And more projects added as completed!
Aluminum Radiator, Silicone Hoses

A stroll back in Miata time for you to enjoy.
20th Annual Coastal Cruise Pictures, Click Here.
! - 2008 in review - !
2008 Sierras Run
A trip in MOAB

Just to show you what some of the things were available for you and your Miata from Clubs that share good times with their Miata's and friends. Most of these events and more are still being enjoyed by all. Join us for some fun.

Some of MiataFun's Touring Events
See where we have gone and where we are going.
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Americans Veterans

Supporting our troops and our Country. 

Miata Clubs
Please notify us and keep us updated with a current email address so that we can send the info to your events person or run organizers and we will be happy to let you know what has been sent to us by other  clubs.
This will keep us all informed as to what is happening in Miata-land for everyone to have fun and share adventures.
Want to be helpful
We thank all of our friends that help make this website informative.
 If you have something you would like to submit send it to:
tomwood@miatafun.net and we will see what we can do for you.
We are always looking for a
"Car of the Month" and good "Miata Stories" and "Newsletter Articles"
Like to use pictures from our site?
Email us at: tomwood@miatafun.net and we will send you the higher resolution of the picture.
All we ask is credit to be given to the photographers.
Miatafun now has some Maps to the events on our "Calendar of Events"
You can print them out, and change them by Zoom-Zooming them in and out!
It will help you find your way and maybe some side roads if you arrive a little early to explore!!
Make sure you have the starting address listed!