Dear friends and fellow owners of 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miatas,

I have recently been asked to take over duties of the 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miata Registry.
Previously my friend, Bonnie Lutz, kept a list of all 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miatas.
She did this with the help of a friend or two at Mazda along with great effort from John Emerson.
I now have this list(s) along with a copy of a past newsletter, the Sunburst Times.
This is all strictly voluntary and I do this out of the love and enthusiasm for a fun (and unique in yellow) little car.
I wish to start adding to the data we have at the registry by collecting owner info, geographic location, mileage, etc.
Naturally, this information will all be confidential, and not released to others.
I have recently helped others locate their own 1992 Sunburst Yellow and figured, why not keep the spirit alive.
Truthfully, I did post my "Little Amarillo" Sunburst for sale several months ago.
However, I did not expect it to sell as I was not too motivated and I did not try very hard. Thankfully he is still in my driveway and will remain so.
Further, as much as I respect and admire the two yellow variations of M2 Miatas, this registry is only for M1s.
Is there already a registry for Vivid Yellow and / or Blazing Yellow? We all know that Vivid Yellow is the same paint code (HZ) as Sunburst.
Please help me spread the word, share ideas, and continue the enthusiasm for our truly deserving 1992 Sunburst Miatas!
Here we go, your friend - Geoff Fahring


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